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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make your own Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe (video) by Gomi Romi

Ingredients: This recipe makes one silky smooth, soft cup of cold porcelain clay. Suitable for thin flowers and leaf sculptures.

1 cup cornflour (optional try using rice flour 50:50 mix)
3/4 cup pva (wood) glue
3 drops of eucalyptus or nutmeg oil (for a preservative)
either 1 teaspoon baby oil or 1/2 tsp petroleum jelly (to prevent cracking during drying)
1/4 cup water

A tip online suggests USE GLYCERINE for no cracks!
Great recipe for modeling fine details.
Find the recipe and pdf printout here.

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room when preparing and using this clay.


  1. Please let me know how you created the potters wheel. I have been looking for a non electrical alternative that did not cost a fortune!

    Please ,keep the good ideas flowing. ignore sad haters.
    dTyhank you
    The video link has gone For turning a spinning mop bucket into a potters wheel?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Stupot. As many of the clips on site are from youtube, if the owners of the videos choose to remove their clips, they also disappear from our blog. We will keep a look out for other innovative ways to make a potters wheel, and on their discovery, will add them to our blog. No one here has made a potters wheel, but if you discover a way to make one, please let us know. Thanks again for your contribution to our blog. - S.D. Online Publisher - The Creative Experience Blog - Great Mystery Publishing