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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elk hunt song from fabulous film - The Last of the Mohicans (video)

Artist Maria Cardoso and her Flea Circus with actual fleas! (video)

1997 8 min colour video, co-directed by Ross Rudesch Harley and Maria Fernanda Cardoso to accompany the Cardoso Flea Circus tent installation produced by the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philladelphia. These are real live perfoming fleas, with Cardoso performing as Queen of the Fleas. Cardoso Flea Circus Installation, including video installation, tent, arena, props, audio works, DVD compilation (colour video, duration variable), purchased by the Tate Gallery London in 2007. Check out Maria Cardoso's website here And artscape "The Wonderful World of Professor Cardoso". Further details here.

New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music (complete documentary)

New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music is an intimate look at the traditions associated with New Orleans’ music and the preservation of those traditions through the work of local musicians and educators who mentor young talent. Museum curators who care for musical treasures; historians and archivists who research and document the stories; activists working to protect, heal and inspire the many musicians whose livelihoods were taken away by Katrina. All are committed to the preservation of the rich musical heritage of New Orleans, as well as the future of New Orleans music. The living museum is a manifestation of participation, proclaims Ellis Marsalis—revered jazz pianist, music educator, and patriarch of the Marsalis family jazz dynasty—who is featured in the program.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fabulous Jimi Hendrix documentary (complete)!! Enjoy!

Jimi Hendrix will always inspire, musicians and listeners alike. Once a legend, always a legend.