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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pat Benatar "Here's My Heart" - Metropolis (Giorgio Moroder 1984) - Film.(video)..

My favourite song from one of my favourite films ever. Prefer the 80's soundtrack rather than the original music to this silent film classic, but either way, an amazing cinematic experience that still influences sci-fi today! "Metropolis" made in 1927 was the first full length sci-fi film. Science-fiction was not a particularly popular genre at the time and the film did not do well when first screened. The film ended up in pieces with film footage lost. In 1984, after many years of tracking down lost pieces of the film, "Metropolis" was released with a contemporary music sound track. This time, the film did exceptionally well in theatres around the globe. Years later, more film footage from "Metropolis" was found. The film was edited with most of its original footage and re-released on DVD with the original 1927 film score.

"Metropolis" with 1984 soundtrack trailers below is worth checking out for some glimpses into the sci-fi elements of this sci-fi masterpiece.

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